Etudiant - Magasinier - Renforts (h/f)

Suarlée Transport And Logistics Summer holiday, Week 10,00


Pour notre client actif dans la distribution, nous sommes à la recherche d'un Etudiant - Magasinier (h/f)


- Vous effectuez diverses tâches de manutention/magasinage au sein du dépôt/magasin ;

- Vous effectuez la préparation des commandes 



Nous vous offrons un Job d'étudiant en semaine 

Horaire réparti sur 4 jours : 9 heures/jour, du lundi au vendredi

 Des opportunités de carrière peuvent être présentes 


- Atout : expérience en tant que magasinier/manutentionnaire ;

- Ponctuel, motivé, fiable, ... 

Working as a student

In order to be able to employ you as a student, we need an official certificate of enrolment for the current school or academic year. This is an obligation mentioned in the administrative instructions of the NSSO. You don't have this in your possession yet? No problem. Just ask your educational institute for them and add them to your enrolment at a later date. Take a look at the website of your educational institution, often you can download the document online. Keep in mind that it is only possible to upload a PDF or Word document. Problems or questions about this? Please contact your nearest Konvert office, they will be happy to help you.

Which enrolment certificates are eligible?

  • - Complete curriculum studies (secondary or higher education/university)
  • - Alternate learning program, theory + practical traineeship
  • - Part-time studies – theory only without practical traineeship
  • - Independent learning – diploma via examination board
  • - Finishing a thesis
  • - Possibly adult education if main activity

This gross hourly wage is based on the sectoral gross wage of an 18-year old on the date of the vacancy. No rights or obligations can be derived from this information. The actual gross hourly wage awarded may therefore deviate.

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